• Annotation: A short description of the plot/themes/content of a book. Often taken from the publisher directly, always verified by Booksource’s Collection Development experts
  • Booksource Subjects: content-specific tags for a title, manually verified by our experts and narrowed down to the most specific, correct, and official information
  • Booksource Verified: Books (or editions) that have been vetted by Booksource’s expert team are considered “Booksource Verified” meaning that their title data, leveling info, interest level, and subject tags have all been confirmed to be accurate in our database
  • Classroom Password: The password for general access to your Booksource Classroom Library, used first when logging into the website (never used on the app)
  • Copy ID: an assigned number used to identify multiple copies of the same title
  • Condition: a custom tag, created and assigned by the library administrator, meant to help track state of the individual book (ex. Brand new, Good, Poor)
  • Export: used to create an excel document of your existing library data, including title data, copies, and custom tags
  • Genre: a custom tag, created and assigned by the library administrator, meant to help identify and tag certain types of books (ex. Adventure/Action, Ms. Rose’s favorites, Current Events)
  • Import: used to add books to your library. You can import a pre-made excel document of titles or an existing Booksource order
  • ISBN: (International Standard Book Number) Unique identifier for a specific sellable edition of a book (not the same thing as a Title).  A title may have multiple editions and thus multiple ISBNs.  Originally these were 10-digit identifiers, but have moved to a 13-digit format.  There is a conversion for moving back and forth between the 10 and 13 digit
  • LibraryLens: a custom tool to give your library a comprehensive audit based on multiple categories and percentages outlines by Booksource’s literacy experts
  • Location: a custom tag, created and assigned by the library administrator, meant to help identify where books are kept or ownership in a blended library (ex. Blue shelf, green shelf, Personal Book, School book)
  • Reports: graphic/information breakdowns on the distribution and checkout history of your library. Accessed from the Teacher Dashboard
  • Reviews: Student-created reviews of titles are submitted when they return books and then approved by the teacher. Once a review has been approved, other students can view it by clicking the star rating under that title in the library
  • Student: individual users within the classroom library, can checkout and return books from the library; created and monitored by the teacher/account admin
  • Teacher Password: The password for accessing the Teacher Dashboard and Teacher/admin functions of the website. Also the only password used on the app (has been known as the classroom settings password in previous versions of Booksource Classroom)
  • Title/Book: 
    1. Title: referring to and individual title (can be one copy or multiples) under a specific ISBN with unique title data
    2. Book (copy): Referring to the number of individual physical books for a particular title, each with it’s own unique Copy ID