To sign into your Booksource Classroom account, you will first need your Classroom ID and the Password(s) that have been designated by the teacher. The Classroom Password will be used by both you, as the teacher, and your students to access the account.  The Teacher password is used to access the Teacher Page and administrative settings. This is our way of protecting the teacher’s account information, settings, and student data. There are 2 different ways to log in depending on which program you are using.   


When using the website 


  1. Enter the Classroom ID for the account 
  2. Enter your Classroom Password to access the first part of the system 
  3. If you are a student, simply select the Students page by clicking the word "Students" 
  4. If you are the Teacher who created the Classroom Library, select the word "Teachers", and you will be prompted to enter your Teacher Password.

When using the Mobile App on your device: 

  1. Enter the Classroom ID for the account 
  2. Enter your Teacher Password 




NoteThe mobile app is designed to scan your books in easier.  For account management, we recommend that you use the website.  


Support Video: 

  • Login / Forgot Password – Learn the options of what to do if you forget your Booksource Classroom password and/or username. See how your password can be reset and how to have your username emailed to you if you forget.