To sign into your Booksource Classroom, use the Classroom ID and the password(s) created when the account was created.

The Classroom ID is the username on the account. This will be shared with your students.

    There are two passwords when creating a Booksource Classroom account: the general "Classroom" password and the Teacher password.  The general password will be used by both you, as the teacher, and your students to access the account.  The Teacher password is used to access the teacher page. This is our way of protecting the teacher’s account information, settings and student data. The teacher password is also used to access your account through the mobile app.

So many passwords to remember? It is confusing, right? Let us explain.

  • Passwords must be 6 to 20 characters and contain at least 1 numeric character, no special characters
  • The Classroom ID and both passwords are all case-sensitive
  • If you are logging in on the app, be sure to only use your “Teacher Password” 
  • If you’re using the website on a browser (at, use your “Classroom Password” first and then it will prompt you for the teacher page or the student page

Support Video:

  • Login / Forgot Password – Learn the options of what to do if you forget your Booksource Classroom password and/or username. See how your password can be reset and how to have your username emailed to you if you forget. 
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