An advantage of using Booksource Classroom as a Booksource customer is the ability to import your Booksource invoice into your account.  It is an easy and quick way to add books to your library. 

From the main Library page, you will select the Import button on the upper right side of the screen.   

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To import an invoice, select the From Invoice button.  

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The first step is to locate your Booksource account number. We have provided 3 examples of documents you may have which contain this number as shown below. The documents which can be used to locate your account number: invoice, order confirmation and packing list. Once the account number has been located, enter the number in the space provided and select Lookup to access the invoice(s) associated with the account number.  

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A complete list of invoices associated with your school/district account number will be displayed. This list may be short or very extensive depending on the account.  

To help you find the invoice you are looking for, use our search feature to narrow down your selection.  All column headers are searchable such as Invoice#, Quote#, PO#, Invoice Date, Ship To, Attn To and Invoice Total. For example, if you know the order shipped to your attention or your school address, you can enter the information in the search bar as shown below to narrow the search.  

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Once you are satisfied with the results, select Import next to the invoice you want to add to your library. 


Note: This will NOT start importing your invoice. A new screen showing the titles and quantities on the invoice will appear. This will allow you to select all or customize the import based on your needs. Once all titles have been chosen for import, select Import these Items.Only select Import these Items once to prevent multiple imports of the same invoice. 


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A "successful" message will be provided when the import has completed.

Support Video: 


  • Add Books Page – This video covers in detail all the ways teachers are able to add books to their Booksource Classroom account. Add books manually by ISBN via typing, camera, or ISBN scanner. Other options include importing books easily from your Booksource invoice or from an Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, learn tips for adding books quickly to your library.  

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