You can create your own custom categories and tag your library to make titles even more search-able!

  • Create Genre Tags

The Genre field is a custom tag available to assign to each copy of a book. This field is customizable in your 

Settings->Adding Your Data by adding your Genres and checking the "Track Genres" box.

  • Assign Genre Tags

To assign Genres to your titles, go to your Teacher Library->Grow & Manage then click edit next to the title. You can then select the Genre from the drop-down menu and click save.

  • Search Genre Tags

To search by Genre, first be sure that the "Track Genres" box is checked under Settings->Adding Your Data and that "Genre" is checked as view-able in your teacher and student views of the library under Settings->Library Data.

Then simply type the genre name in the search bar in either teacher or student view.

For title name, author, ISBN, annotation, subjects, and genres (with values optionally supplied by you), we look for your search term within any of the values of those fields. For example, a search for animals, might match the Title Name, genre {math}, or the Subject {mathematics} as shown below.