Export with Excel 


To export your library to an Excel document, simply click on the download icon in the toolbar of your library (circled in blue below). Your library will be exported to an Excel file and should download automatically. 




Import With Excel 


Booksource Classroom makes it easy to import your classroom library from Excel so you don't have to manually enter the information for all your books. 


  • Note: If you are using Excel to add additional copies of a title already in your library, be sure to check the box “Add existing titles as new copies”. 

  • Note: The Import From Excel feature only works with the template provided on the Booksource Classroom website. 




Import in 3 Easy Steps: 


Create your Excel file 

  • To get starteddownload and save our Excel template to your computer as a .xls file. You can access the template by clicking the Import button circled above, and then selecting "Need Our Spreadsheet Template?" shown highlighted below. The template will automatically download. 



  • Copy and paste your title information into the template or manually type into the columns provided. Once you have added your information, save and close the document. 



Select your file to import: 

  • From your library page, click the Import button located in the right corner of the library toolbar and select "By Excel Import" to locate the file saved on your computer.  


  • Click Validate at the bottom of the page to load your list. 



Validate and Import  

  • The system will check your spreadsheet and list any invalid titles that it cannot import, highlighted in red. You can fix these errors directly in the error list or return to your original spreadsheet and start over.   




Example:The Accelerated Reading level for this title was entered as text opposed to the numerical value. Hovering over the red field will explain the error. Clicking it will allow you to edit. Other errors might include wrong ISBN format, invalid leveling system or characters, etc. 


  • Once all the titles on your spreadsheet are validated, click “Import These Items” to add your titles to the library. Once complete you will be directed back to your library.