LibraryLens analyzes your Classroom Library the same way our Collection Development Experts do here at Booksource. 

  1. We run a comprehensive evaluation of your library
  2. We identify gaps and ways you can improve
  3. We suggest the perfect titles to make your library better and fill your specific gaps

LibraryLens is powered by Booksource's Collection Development Experts

  • Together, our Collection Development specialists have over 70+ years of library experience
    • The team uses their title expertise to curate relevant and diverse book collections for today's classrooms
  • We vet & verify every title that Booksource carries (over 600,00 verified titles)
    • If a title is Booksource Verified, you know that all its data is accurate
  • 700+ Custom Categories of Booksource Data
    • We assign multiple custom categories like "History" and "Native American Protagonist" to each title individually