You can assign a Condition tag to each individual copy of a title in your library to help keep track of your books conditions.  Conditions will help you identify what books may need to be considered for replacement due to wear and tear.

Create and assign Condition tags using Excel Imports

Custom condition tags can be created and assigned when using the Library Import from Excel feature.  Simply type the condition tag for each title into Column Z within your import spreadsheet, and proceed with importing the file.  Existing conditions will be assigned to the selected titles whereas new conditions will be created from the spreadsheet.  For more information on our Import from Excel feature, please visit our help article: Import/Export with Excel 

Create Condition Tags

From the Teacher View, navigate to your Settings > Custom Fields > Track Conditions.  Create your locations by typing the name of the location you wish to add and selecting "Add Condition".  The new condition will appear in alphabetical order. 

Track conditions in your library by checking the Track Conditions check box.  Additionally, you are also able to require your students to enter the condition of the book upon checkout and return by checking the box next to Prompt for Condition at Checkout / Return.

Prompting For Conditions in Checkout / Returns

If you have checked the box to prompt for condition at checkout/return, then your students will be required to enter a condition from the drop-down when they checkout and return your books.

Assign Condition Tags to each Copy

Conditions are able to be assigned to each copy of a book.  To assign conditions, go to your Library and search/select the title you would like to edit. The Conditions field will be listed in the copies section of your Title Details Page.  Titles without an assigned condition will be listed as -None- by default.  Simply clear this by select the "X" located next to the condition, and then select the drop-down arrow to access the listing of your conditions.  

Note:  Each copy of the book can be assigned a different condition.

Assign Conditions to Multiple Titles (All Copies)

You can assign a location to multiple titles at the same time directly from your Teacher page.  Select Library from your navigation bar hover over the title you would like to edit.  Select the circle to the top left of the cover image to queue that title for editing.  Note: The circle will be checked when selected.

Once you've selected the titles you wish to update, click the pencil to edit the Locations, Conditions, and Genres of the selected titles.

Searching Conditions in your library

Viewing conditions of the books in your library can be done by clicking on the title you wish to view to access the Title Details Page.   Conditions will be located under the copies portion of the page.  

Alternatively, you can view and search conditions using our Export to Excel functionality.  Conditions will be exported into Column Z in your file, and you will be able to search the file by using the built in Excel search features.  

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