There is a feature meant just for tracking multiple copies of a title! 

    It’s called the “copy ID” Copy IDs are meant to help you keep track of which is which when you have multiple copies of the same book. If you have multiple copies of the same book, they will all have the same ISBN number but the Classroom Organizer system will assign them each a unique “copy ID” These are just randomly generated numbers but you can always edit them to be something you choose. You can add multiple copies manually on the website under Teacher Dashboard-Library-Quantities, Locations,& Conditions or by scanning the books individually on the App.

A few general Copy ID tips:

  • First, be sure that you have a way of knowing which Copy ID belongs to each copy of the book (I know many teachers have penciled the Copy ID into the inside cover of the book) You can also edit copy IDs from the website: Teacher Dashboard ->Library->Book Quantities, Locations, & Conditions. You can leave the random Copy IDs that the system makes or use your own.
  • Then, just be sure that Copy ID tracking is turned on: Teacher Dashboard->Your Account-> Preferences-> “Book Copy Selection on Checkout” Make sure the box is checked and then save your settings. Then any time your students go to check out a book with multiple copies, they will have to select the Copy ID from the drop down menu.