You can track where your books are in your classroom (shelves, bins, etc) and help your students know where to return them!

  • Create Location Tags

The Location field is a custom tag available to assign to each copy of a book. This field is customizable in your Settings->Adding Your Data. Here you can create your Locations and check the "Track Locations" box to make them search-able.

  • Assign Location Tags

To assign Location tags, go to your Teacher Library->Copies, Locations, and Conditions. Click edit next to the title you wish to tag, then select the Location from the drop-down menu and click save.

  • Search Location Tags

To search Location tags, first be sure that the "Track Locations" box is checked under Settings->Adding Your Data and the "Location" is checked as view-able in your teacher and student views of the library under Settings->Library Data

    Then, from the student view of the library, or from the "Copies, Locations, and Conditions" page of the Teacher library, type the prefix "location:" into the search bar, followed by your location (no spaces).  All titles with a copy tagged in that location will show up in your search results.