You can track where your books are in your classroom (shelves, bins, etc) and help your students know where to return them!

  • Create Location Tags

The Location field is a custom tag available to assign to each copy of a book. This field is customizable in your Settings-> Enable/Disable Preferences-> Custom Fields.

 Here you can create your Locations and check the "Track Locations" box to make them search-able.

  • Assign Location Tags

To assign Location tags, go to your Teacher Library and select the title. The Location field can be found under Copies. 

  • Search Location Tags

To search Location tags, first be sure that the "Track Locations" box is checked under Settings->Adding Your Data and the "Location" is checked as view-able in your teacher and student views of the library under Settings->Library Data

    Then, from the student view of the library, or from the "Copies, Locations, and Conditions" page of the Teacher library, type the prefix "location:" into the search bar, followed by your location (no spaces).  All titles with a copy tagged in that location will show up in your search results.

Support Videos:

  • Enable/Disable Preferences – This 10-minute video thoroughly explains the customization options within Booksource Classroom. See how to navigate to the Settings page from the Teacher Dashboard, and learn all about the options available to tailor the platform to fit your classroom’s unique needs. 
    1. Link
  • Showing/Hiding data – This video explains how to change the settings to customize the information that is available to both the teacher and students. See how to navigate to the Settings page from the Teacher Dashboard, and learn about all the options. 
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