In addition to the new Library page, we have updated adding books to your library to help with your inventory process! Now you can easily scan, import, and manually add your titles and even edit them as you go!

Add Individual Books - Scanning and Adding Manually

To start scanning books into your library, first click the button at the top right of your library page. You will be taken to the new Add Books page:

If you want to add books within a location, simply select the location from the drop-down on the right and all books you add will be tagged with that location.


  • To scan with your device's camera; click the camera icon next to the ISBN bar. You will be able to use your computer's built-in camera to scan the ISBN barcode on your books. 
  • To scan with a scanner: simply connect your barcode scanner, click in the ISBN type box, and scan away!
  • To enter your titles manually: type the ISBN number into the type box and hit enter OR click the + to create a blank title and enter the details to the right.

Once your titles are entered, you can view and edit the details of each book to the right of the "added" column

Import lists - Booksource Invoices and Excel Spreadsheets

If you have a Booksource order to import to your Booksource Classroom library, or if you have a list of books from your library, you can upload those lists en-masse. Click the import button on the top right of the library page.

Then, follow the outlined steps to import your excel list or invoice