You can choose what categories and tags your students see in the library. When your students sign into the library and select themselves from the student list, they can then choose if they want to "Checkout & Read" or "Return Books they have already checked out.

When they select "Checkout & Read" they will be taken to a view of the entire library. They can search the library using all of the specifics and prefixes listed here. They can view other students' ratings by clicking the star rating under each title. This will show them all of the approved student reviews from past readers and allow them to leave their own review if they would like. 

Additionally, all of the library categories and custom fields you have selected in your Settings->Library Data on the Student View side, are viewable to your students in the library. Simply click on the title card and it will flip, displaying the title information, leveling, custom tags, etc.

Support Video:

  • Student Checkout – Learn how to access the student view of Booksource Classroom. Then, watch the detailed process a student will see to learn about books, search, checkout, and return books. 
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