Search Title, Author, Keyword
Whatever data you see on the Grow & Manage page is subject to search. And, to make searching more efficient, we have added 3 search prefixes for reading levels, interest levels and language. 

    For title name, author, ISBN, annotation, subjects, and genres (with values optionally supplied by you), we look for your search term within any of the values of those fields. For example, a search for animals, might match the Title Name of {Animals Animals} or the Subject {Animals} as shown below.

    To search for Fiction or Non-fiction titles, search for simply type Fiction and Non-fiction or Nonfiction.

Search Levels

Three search prefixes are supported to make searching more precise and efficient.

The level prefix will search whatever level is shown in the level menu at the time of the search; Guided Reading Level, Lexile Level or AR Level.

To search reading levels, use the prefix "level:". 

  • For Guided Reading Level, a search for example for "level:G" would show all titles in your library at Guided Reading Level "G". 
  • For Accelerated Reading Level, a search for "level:2.3" would show all titles in your library at Accelerated Reading Level "2.3"
  • For Lexile Level, a search for "level:720", would show all titles in your library with Lexile measure of 720, including measures with Lexile codes AD, NC, HL, IG, GN, BR, and NP

To search for titles on Interest Level, use the prefix "interest-level:". You can search for a single level or a range of levels. For example, a search for "interest-level:K-3", would show titles with interest levels like P-2 and 1-4. For a single Interest Level value, use the prefix "interest-level:3." 

Search Custom Tags and Copies

Copy ID, location and condition are searchable in your library. Just as used in Grow & Manage, search prefixes are necessary for precise and accurate results. To search by copy ID, location, or condition, be sure you are in the "Copies, Locations, and Condition. The following are examples of how to search for copy ID, location and condition. 

  • To search for a specific copy ID - "copyid:4563"
  • To find titles in a specific location - "location:bin 1"
  • To find titles of a certain condition - "condition:good"

Search Language

To search for Spanish Language titles, use the term "language:spanish". Alternatively, search for "language:english" for English Language titles.

Please note the library search is NOT case sensitive.