Scanning ISBN barcodes is a quick and easy method of entering books into your library. 

    Make sure you have set your preferences to reflect your desire to use a USB barcode scanner. Go to Your Account/Preferences to turn this feature on by selecting the box next to I have a USB Barcode Scanner Attached.  

    To enter books into your library using a USB scanner, plug the scanner into the USB port on your desktop or laptop computer and login to access the Teacher Library. The system will recognize a USB scanner is attached to your computer and your screen will reflect a ready to scan state as shown below.  

    To scan books into your library, simply scan the ISBN barcode which is generally located on the back of the book.  If the ISBN is not on the back cover, double check inside the front and back covers of the book. Sometimes, the ISBN is located in the text on the title page. 

What if my book does not have an ISBN?

NOTE: Book club publishers such as Scholastic have their own unique assigned ISBN barcodes. These ISBN barcodes will not register in the Booksource Classroom system. These types of books may be entered into the library by simply clicking on the plus sign next to Add Title via ISBN. When an ISBN barcode is scanned or manually added into the library, the title will be added to the top of the library and a successfully added message will appear at the top of the page.  

Support Video:

  • Add Books Page – This video covers in detail all the ways teachers are able to add books to their Booksource Classroom account. Add books manually by ISBN via typing, camera, or ISBN scanner. Other options include importing books easily from your Booksource invoice or from an Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, learn tips for adding books quickly to your library. 
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