Booksource Classroom App

If a book does not have a valid ISBN barcode from the publisher, it may not scan properly. If this is the case, you will need to add the title manually. There are a few different ways to manually enter titles into your library.  


  • On the app, type in the ISBN number and title of your book (please note that these are free form text fields and both fields must be populated to proceed)
  • Select Add to Library to add the title to your library
  • A message stating "Title Added" confirms that your title has been added to your library


Note: The app is not updated and may be unavailable to download for newer Android phones. We recommend using the website for the best user experience.  

Booksource Classroom Website



  • In the Library dropdown menu, you will select Add Books. 
  • Select the "+" sign to create an "Unknown Title"
  • You are able to edit the title details from this page if you choose
  • You are also able to edit the titles later by navigating to your Library and searching “Unknown Title”



For more details on how to edit a title, click here 


Support Video:  


  • Add Books Page – This video covers in detail all the ways teachers can add books to their Booksource Classroom account. Add books manually by ISBN via typing, camera, or ISBN scanner. Other options include importing books easily from your Booksource invoice or from an Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, learn tips for adding books quickly to your library.  

  • Link 

  • ISBNs Explained - In this 3-minute video, learn what an ISBN is, why it is important for use within Booksource Classroom, and how ISBNs vary between different editions of the same title. Additionally, learn how to identify and locate ISBN barcodes on books. 

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