Using your mobile device as a scanning tool can be a convenient alternative to using and/or purchasing a barcode scanner.  In just a few steps, you can set up your device for scanning books into your Booksource Classroom library. 

To begin:

  1. Navigate to the Booksource Classroom website
  2. On the first prompt, log in using your Classroom ID and Classroom Password
  3. On the second prompt, use your Teacher Password to access the administrative page of the system
  4. Select the 3 bar hamburger menu at the top left, and select the Library menu
  5. Select the Add Books menu to begin adding your books

Once you have accessed the Add Books menu, select the camera icon and click "Allow" to allow access to your device.  This piece is critical as not allowing access will prevent the camera from being used.

You are now set up to use the camera on your device to add books to your library!