While most books have ISBNs and/or barcodes, occasionally you will find books without. This issue tends to arise in books and series that have been privately published.  

Generate an ISBN:  

For books without an ISBN number, a dummy ISBN can be generated and assigned to your title(s). There are several websites that can generate a dummy ISBN for you. Here is one that has been tested by our support team: 

Note:  Booksource Classroom does not recognize the dashes in the generated barcode.  When creating your ISBN in Booksource Classroom, please omit all dashes and spaces.




Generate a Barcode:

Should you want to make these items scannable for your students, you can use this site to produce a barcode with the ISBN created above:  



You can also use the above site to create a barcode for your titles that have an ISBN but no scannable barcode. You can either tape that barcode you created onto your books or print the barcodes on stickers to save some tape and time.