This chart shows the student's reading volume and progress over time. It is a great tool for Parent-Teacher conferences. 

This will only be filled in if you have checkout data.  Over time, as your students check out and read more books, the data will be more in depth.   

This is where you can identify and address reading concerns early. IE: Not reading enough, not challenging themselves, challenged themselves, but regressed after. 

This is where you can spot and reward progress. IE: The student is reading often and steadily challenging themselves. 

View our comprehensive Reading Level Chart here:

Reading Level Chart

Support Videos: 

  • Students Overview – Learn the basics of how to use the manage Students section within Booksource Classroom. See how to add and edit students, search for students, view student details, see custom student book recommendations and more!
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  • Add, Edit, & Delete Students – This video explains in detail how to manage Students. Add students individually or as a group through an Excel import. Learn how to add students to groups, edit student information, and delete students. 
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  • Student Passwords – This video explains the student password in detail. This is an optional field that can be enabled and disabled in the Settings. Only teachers have the ability to access and manage student passwords. 
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  • Student Progress Chart – Learn all about the reading progress chart for each student available in Booksource Classroom. This chart reports the books checked out and read by each student. Book levels in the system are reflected on this chart to demonstrate reading trends. 
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  • Recommended Books – Learn all about the custom book recommendations available to teachers for each student based on that student’s unique reading trends. 
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