The new library page makes it easier for you to search, edit, and organize your library!

Better Filtering/Sorting

  Sort your library alphabetically by Title, Author, Date Added, Student Rating, or Genre by simply clicking the icon at the top of your library page. 

Sort your library to see only checked out or overdue books by clicking the checked out and overdue icons

Checkout, Renew, & Return

    Check books out to your students by hovering over the title and clicking the checkout icon. 

    Then type in your student's name and select the correct student.

    To return or renew a checked out book, simply click the return icon on the cover.

You will see a summary of the current checkout for that checkout and you can return or renew each book.

Additionally, you can select multiple titles to return or renew all at once. Simply select multiple titles with the checks in the upper left of each cover image:

Then select the Renew or Return icons from the top and you can mass renew or mass return all selected titles.

Bulk Edit Titles

Need to edit or assign a Location, Condition, or Genre to multiple titles? We've made it easier! Simply select all the titles you wish to edit and click the edit icon at the top of your library page:    

The fields for Condition, Location, and Genre will autofill as you type in an existing tag or you can type in and create a new tag directly from this screen!

Delete Titles: To delete titles in bulk, select the titles you wish to delete (or all titles using the check box at the top left of your library) and select the red trash can icon.

Want to view or edit more details on a specific title? Click here for more details about the new Title Detail page.