Click any cover image in the library to view the expanded title details page:

Now all leveling systems can be viewed at once! On the left, under the cover you can see Interest Level (verified by our Booksource Experts), Fontas & Pinnell Guided Reading, Lexile, and Accelerated Reader level and points. You can even access the Booksource Reading Level chart which shows all levels in relation to each other and grade level.

For titles with multiple copies, you can view and edit information for each copy directly from the Title Detail page. Assign ID numbers/letters to each copy, add locations and conditions to individual copies, and checkout to students from the Manage Books panel. Add additional copies by clicking the plus on the top right of the panel.

To edit more title information, click the edit icon on the top right. You can then add cover images and edit title information, including custom genres, ISBN, and annotations.

To delete all copies of a title, simply click the red trash can icon on the top right of the Title Detail page.