At Booksource, we have a team of experts who manually verify all data for every title we carry, including author, leveling information, publisher annotations, and more. All of that data is used by our team to create Booksource Collections, recommend titles, and help create custom sets for each customer's specific needs. All of that information for each and every title is tied to the official publisher ISBN in our internal database and when that ISBN is entered into Booksource Classroom, you can view all the verified data as well!

Unfortunately, there are some publishers that don’t use valid or consistent ISBNs, books without ISBN numbers, or titles our experts have not verified all of which would be “unverified” simply meaning our experts have not verified the data on those titles. 

Currently only Booksource Verified titles are taken into account in your LibraryLens analysis and recommendations. We are always working on more ways to continue refining this and get you the best recommendations and title information.

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Have an ISBN to add to a title for better data? How to Edit Titles 

Support Video:

  • What is Booksource Verified – In this video, learn what it means to be a “Booksource Verified” title. Know how to identify these titles by their icon and the advantages of purchasing your classroom library books from Booksource. 
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