We're excited to announce a NEW Library page for Booksource Classroom!  We took your suggestions and worked to create a new and improved library page. Now, we are ready for you to try it out.

Your New Library

New Visual Layout                   

We changed the layout to focus on the Cover Images of your Titles so they are easier for you to identify.

Quickly Filter Overdue and Checked Out Titles

We have added two icons to let you quickly see which titles are Checked Out or Overdue without having to go to the Teacher Dashboard.

Better Sorting

Sort your entire library by Genre, Date Added, Rating, Title, and Author.

Renew Books

You can now renew books that are already checked out so you don't have to return them and check them out again.

Easier Check Out and Return

Easily see all books checked out, how long they have left, and renew or return them from one screen.

Faster Search

Search Title, Author, Annotation, Series, etc. and get instant results.

Bulk Editing

You can now select multiple titles and edit the Location, Condition, and Genre of all titles at once.

Bulk Delete

No more individual title deleting! Simply select all the titles you wish to delete and click the delete icon!

All New Title Details Page

Quickly View All Data

Simply click a title to see all of its details, including levels, annotations, copies, and custom tags.

Improved Copy Management

Manage all of the copies and easily change locations and conditions.  You can also easily check books out and return them from this page. You can also easily add locations and conditions for each individual copy.

Faster Editing

Edit all title and copy details from one screen.

All New Add Books Page

Scan ISBNs with Your Computer Webcam

Add Locations In Bulk

Add a location for a series of books you intend to scan so you don't have to edit each one.

Edit Titles As You Scan

You can easily click on titles you have scanned and edit the information right there while you have the title handy.

Did we miss anything?  Tell us!