LibraryLens evaluates your entire library in all the following categories:

Size: Is your library big enough to support your classroom needs?

Fiction/Nonfiction: Do you have an even blend of fiction and nonfiction titles?

Reading Level: Do you have enough below-level, on-level, and above-level titles in your classroom library?

Diversity: How culturally responsive and diverse is your classroom library?

Freshness: How new and fresh is your Classroom Library? We consider new books to be those with a copyright date that is 5 years or newer. (Remember, you want your nonfiction to be up-to-date just as much as your fiction titles)

Categories: Does your library represent many different types of book categories and genres?

For each category, you can view your library's specific achievements, suggestions, and improvements, including title recommendations to help fill your gaps. 

You can also view Data & Analytics for each category to view the specific data behind each achievement, suggestion, and issue.