If you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android, you can build your library from the comfort of your mobile device! Download the free mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  If you have an Android, you must download a separate barcode scanner app from the Google Play store to work in conjunction with the Classroom Organizer app. There are wonderful free barcode scanner apps that work perfectly with the app. Just search, “Barcode Scanner.” 

    This will allow you to scan ISBNs to add titles to your library, view your library, manage your book locations remotely and allow for student checkout & return. It is important to remember that the device scanning the ISBN needs to be in a brightly-lit environment. In dim lighting situations, it is hard for the device to focus on the ISBN code. Secondly, many title ISBN and Bar Codes for Purchase look similar. Be sure to use the appropriate ISBN barcode.

What if my book does not have an ISBN?

NOTE: Book club publishers such as Scholastic have their own unique assigned ISBN barcodes. These ISBN barcodes will not register in the Booksource Classroom system. These types of books may be entered into the library by simply clicking on the plus sign next to Add Title via ISBN. When an ISBN barcode is scanned or manually added into the library, the title will be added to the top of the library and a successfully added message will appear at the top of the page.