When you sign up for a Booksource Classroom account, you are signing up for an account to inventory and maintain your classroom library. You can also use your Booksource Classroom account to allow students to check out and return books from our web-based inventory system.  


There are 4 steps to create a Booksource Classroom account. Go to classroom.booksource.com to get started.  




Personal Information: 

Tell us about yourself by providing your first and last name along with a primary email address.  Select the primary grade of the students in your classroom and your role or title in your school.  If your personal information were to change after creating your account, go to Your Account/Personal Info to edit your information. 

Login & Security: 

Choose a Classroom ID and Classroom Password appropriate for both you and your students. If you plan on your students using the check-in & check-out features, they will be using the Classroom ID and Classroom Password for initial access.  


Note: The Teacher Password is not meant to be shared with the students. This password allows access to the teacher's settings, editing capabilities of the library, and student sensitive information.   


For the optional Security Question and Answer, enter a question-answer combination known only to you, to assist in recovering access to your account. 

Choose Your School: 

Search for your school by providing your school's zip code. Choose your school from the list provided. If you do not see your school in the list, you can enter your school information manually.  You will need your school's name, address, city, state, and zip code to register. 

Account Verification:  

Once your account has been created, the final step is to verify your email to activate the account. This email will be sent to the email provided upon creating the account.   


Note: The account activation link in the activation email needs to be opened in the same browser in which the account was created.  


Support Video: 

  • Create an Account – Learn how to create your own FREE Booksource Classroom account! This video walks through and explains each step of signing up.